ATOM stands for Audio to MIDI and that’s exactly what it does; it converts audio to MIDI date, in real time. The audio in this case means anything from voice to a guitar to a violin. In even simpler words, this software allows you to hum a tune or play the harmonium and have it to sound like a saxophone, flute or any other instrument of your choice; the possibilities here are infinite.



ATOM for vocalists

Vocalists can use ATOM to in their studio or during a live performance to create instrumental tunes, live loops of textures, synth pads, ethereal pads, musical loops etc. merely by feeding their vocals into the system.


ATOM for instrumentalists

Instrumentalists can use ATOM to create multiple layers of sound and even create the sound of a completely different instrument. A guitarist, for example, can play a lead and to layer it use ATOM to create a synthesizer lead. A bass player, for example, can establish a base line and then use ATOM to create sound of sarod, saxophone or any other instrument for the lead and return to bass.

ATOM for studio producers

ATOM reduces dependency on programmers and allows studio producers to print the idea or to create lines and instrumentation by singing, humming or playing an instrument straight on to ATOM. Instrumentalists, vocalists and producers can also use ATOM to control lights during live acts. Artists can assign pitches to specific colours and the amplitude of the voice or the instrument can be the intensity of the light.



  • Intel Based Platform with OSX 10.7+
  • Microphone or any pitched instrument
  • Any Digital Audio Work station
  • Creativity in good measure is all you need to make good use of ATOM

It works with all kinds of VST and Audio Units that accept MIDI messages.

Our team at sound.codes understand the real possibilities of ATOM and are happy to custom design and install the software for live acts and studios. Drop us a mail and we’ll invite ourselves over for a briefing session, understand your requirements, set up the customized systems and train you on its optimum utilization. 

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