As opposed to other Low Frequency Oscillators, which modulate parameter, ours can modulate the sound itself, live or sampled. LFO modulates the sound adding its own subsonic character to the sound.


A fundamental element in the production of electronic music, the LFO has been created to enable EDM artists and producers to experiment with newer techniques and sounds.


You’ll need Ableton 9.0+ and max4live to work with LFO.


The LFO is tempo synced and has two knobs. Its first knob can be turned in steps of 1/2 note from 0 to 1/128 notes. The second knob is the ring modulator that goes into the audible range of 0 hz to 40,000 hz (it’s the frequency dogs and cats can hear); LFO produces some very cool effects when it is turned to that frequency. Either one of the knobs can be activated at a time.

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