MOTOMI or Motion to MIDI, as the name suggests, is a technology that converts movements to music. MOTOMI can convert any video recording, even live footage captured on an internet enabled webcam/ camera, into MIDI messages. It further allows a user to decide which instrument the final audio output will sound like.

MOTOMI can be used by dancers, gymnasts and performance troupes to add music to their live acts; painters can use it for art installations. It can also be used by symphony orchestras and even by vocalists to layer their tracks.
The scope to utilise MOTOMI for performing arts is endless and exhilarating.

All you need to create wonders with MOTOMI is a PC and a web camera or a usb or firewire complaint camera which can be connected to a PC. MOTOMI should be used with an audio unit or VST in the Digital Audio Workstation of your choice.

In MOTOMI, the X- axis of the frame represents pitch or frequency and the Y- Axis represents amplitude or velocity. The exposure knob gives the control of the camera brightness. When the exposure is set to 0 MOTOMI analyzes everything that camera can see - subtle and strong movements. Keeping the ambient lighting and movements in mind, one can get the required results by changing the exposure.

MOTOMI works on the principal of dividing the video fame into 32 grids. Each grid is responsible to send its own message. For Specialised installation this principal can be tweaked and depending on the requirement grid analysis can be increased or decreased. The team at sound.codes is happy to collaborate with artists to custom design and set up MOTOMI for live acts and installations.

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