Se_MI turns a regular smart phone into a musical instrument or a controller. Se_MI allows the built-in sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope and the touch screen in every standard smart phone to communicate with computers over a Wi-Fi using the free andOSC app and convert the physical movement into MIDI, in other words music.


Se_MI is a tool meant for experimentation and is for anyone who wants who wants to explore human machine interaction using sensors, or you just want to play an instrument, whether or not they know to play an instrument. It’s for musicians, non-musicians, students, studio professionals, dancers, visual artists or filmmakers. It can be also used to create immersive experiences, AV installations or by live acts.

Have an idea on how you want to use semi. Want the sensors to send a specific message. Drop us an email.


andOSC App, same wifi network on phone and computer, Ableton 9.1 or greater.

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